Tuesday, July 6, 2010

More pictues up

Leaving for the dig in ~10 mins, but wanted to share my latest picture upload. Find it here.


  1. My thoughts:

    1. I will be doing that RSS to e-mail thing immediately because I've missed every post since fruit until now. I figured you guys were just too busy getting settled, but really it was just Blogger's fault.

    2. You guys visited Alexander Hamilton's birthplace!? I hate him, haha, but I'm weirdly jealous. About to Wikipedia it to make sure it's the same one and remind myself why I hate him.

    3. Your salad made me hungry and I'm now going to Jasmin as soon as I get done with this class.

    4. Do you guys ever just sit and take notes in a notebook? Writing down every word the professor says even though it's a seminar class and there are no quizzes or tests? Like in our South African Literature class, I listened and stuff, but I never wrote down exactly what she said during lectures because quiz questions and papers were all based on reading. Every 400-level history I've been in has been like this, and I always feel like I'm the only one not taking notes. I took a 200-level and the professor said everything came from the lecture, so I wrote it all down, but I think these people are in their first ro-day-oh.

  2. Well, I don't know if you have to moderate my comments or what (I promise I won't curse) but none of them are up right now. I'll try again, but only with this link to a newspaper job in St. Kitts/Nevis!!! Grab one of those papers for me and let me know what it looks like. A weekly in the Caribbean would leave me plenty of time to pirate!

  3. Seconding Ty's comments, I've been missing out on some of the blog posts. I'm working on catching up though. From the looks of it ya'll are having a blast.

    I totally agree, the Miami airport had absolutely nothing good to eat, and they probably crammed you down in the lower part of the airport that's really overcrowded while you were transferring flights. At least that's where they had all the island-bound flights when I was there.

    Mosquito nets? Is malaria or yellow fever or anything like that a big problem there?

    Scuba should be great! Be sure to post up what you see, if you get a waterproof camera you could get some really cool pics.

    Oo, also are there any good shipwreck sites off the coast there that you can go scuba diving/exploring at? That'd be sick.

    The beer you were speaking of, do they have their own nationally brewed brands or anything unique?

    Any good fishing there?

    Oh and I have a coworker from St. Kitts, I always ask her about it to get a glimpse into the life of Farrell and Jessica for the summer.

    Take it easy!

  4. YES! What beers are you guys drinking? You, too Daniel. Is there Carib?

  5. I'm going to write a post on the comment system shortly.

    If the Hamilton's house was constructed anything like this replica, and presumably it was, you can take some solace knowing that he was mind numbingly hot during his youth. Its fairly hot here, but that house was a whole other level.

    No, I don't take any notes in humanities classes. I take really good notes in Math and Chem classes, but never for Philosophy or Honors.

    I'm almost positive I've seen that paper somewhere around here, I might be able to find it when we go into town tomorrow.

    We are having a blast lol, lots of work, but a blast none the less.

    I believe that they don't have malaria or yellow fever here, almost positive. The bungalows are completely open to the air, and there are a bunch of bugs at night (but virtually none during the day, its crazy). The locals don't use netting, and I suppose we could go without it, but we would get bitten quite a bit more.

    Jessica is writing a post about SCUBA right now, should be up very soon. One girl we went with had a waterproof disposable camera and I know she got some amazing pics. There was one with Duce (a instructor) holding a sea slug with the owner of the camera and myself. As far as I know the diving in this area is on coral reefs, I haven't heard anything about ship wrecks. There are some sick ones back in NC that they talk about here, I'd like to try those when we get back.

    Carib and Stag are both brewed here, as well as one more that I can't remember its name right now. I haven't had Stag or the other one yet, but I will. Carib is really good, its a very standard tasting beer, but like a really delicious standard beer, if that makes sense? They do have some famous local mixed drinks. The ones that we have had so far were invented by this bar tender on Wally beach (about 200m from here). He won this huge Caribbean bar tending contest in 2008 and got second in the world contest. Moy (sounds like Moi) is his name. He gives out more free drinks then we buy lol.

    My roommate is huge into fishing. Caught two fish the only time he tried, but his tackle was too light, better stuff should be coming in tomorrow. We can see tons of fish in the water around both beaches we walk to, as well as on all dives and training dives. Fishing is a huge food source here, and has been for thousands of years (we dig up tons of fish and crab bones).


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