Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Home At Last

Greetings all!

After several jam-packed weeks of travel we are finally home. Of course, that does not mean this blog will end anytime soon, as we still need to fill everyone in on the past few weeks in terms of posts and photo sets, which Farrell has already begun to sort. Besides, we intend to travel more in the future (though probably not years at a time) and this blog allows us space to record and share our experiences. In the next few days you can expect to read about our initial bus trip from Amsterdam to Rome, our stay in Rome, and stories from our various stops in Italy, Greece, Croatia, and the arduous trip home.

Until next time,
Jessica and Farrell

Sunday, July 10, 2011

So, What Now?

Hello everyone!

So, we have visited the beaches at Scheveningen (see here for pronunciation) and stuck our feet in the North Sea. We have also toured around Utrecht one last time, a very beautiful canal city with a fairly famous cathedral tower, which we actually climbed all the way to the top this time. Now, we are making our final plans for our last trip to Amsterdam today after a weekend spent packing and organizing -- so far so good. Pictures from our trips should be up soon, but (as usual) no promises, especially considering all we are trying to cram into these past few days...including printing off traveling information (maps, tickets, etc.) and ensuring all our grades have been collected (because apparently the system is not automated). Anyway, we're in the final stretch, so wish us luck!

Until next time,

Saturday, July 2, 2011

(Not) Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon

Hello all!

Today will be the start of the cleaning and packing process. In my experiences with moving, I have come to realize it is always better to start as soon as possible, that is to say: I would like to avoid any possible moving disasters that could throw off the schedule too much. So while Farrell studies today, I am packing up some of my winter clothes and other things that aren't routinely needed and doing some cleaning. All in all, it should be a relaxing, but productive Sunday -- especially with this as my theme song!

We'll keep you posted on the packing process and the events of our final days in Nijmegen. Take care!

Until next time,

Independence Day Weekend

Hello again!

Well, once again we lapsed in our posting, for the same reason as usual -- too much work! June was a very busy month with the ending of classes and the start of exams, which Farrell will finally conclude on Monday (not the best way to celebrate the 4th). We have yet to decide how we will actually spend Independence Day, after Farrell's exams of course, so we're open to suggestions! In other news we have officially bought our plane tickets home and we will be arriving back on American soil on August 1, and will be officially home on August 2. However, we will be leaving the Netherlands on July 13 for a fun trip in Italy with Farrell's family, which we are really looking forward to. In between then and now, aside from all the packing that needs to be done (eeek!), we hope to squeeze in a few more day trips in the Netherlands as well as visit all our favorite spots in Nijmegen one last time. With at least one more friets speciaal, yum...

We'll try and keep you posted on our final week and upcoming travels, as well as catch up on all the photo sorting and posting that got pushed aside during this hectic month. Wish us luck!

Until next time,
Jessica (and Farrell)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Tour and a Tasting


Last Wednesday we were given the opportunity to tour a dairy farm and their cheese-making facilities and, as two avid cheese lovers, it was an offer we couldn't refuse. Located in Nijmegen, De Diervoort was only a short bike ride away and a pretty one at that. Once there, the cheese-making process was explained to us before touring the factory (though much smaller than the term usually indicates) and the farm. Naturally, the tour ended with a cheese tasting. Of course, the farm produces more than its own milk and cheese also making yogurts, ice creams, vla (pudding of sorts), and chocolate milk. It was a really interesting (and tasty) experience and some place we will definitely be biking to again. Plus, in addition to everything else, the farm has several public trails that we are looking forward to exploring. View the photos from this fun outing here and take a glance at the cheese-making process.

Until next time,
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