Saturday, July 2, 2011

Independence Day Weekend

Hello again!

Well, once again we lapsed in our posting, for the same reason as usual -- too much work! June was a very busy month with the ending of classes and the start of exams, which Farrell will finally conclude on Monday (not the best way to celebrate the 4th). We have yet to decide how we will actually spend Independence Day, after Farrell's exams of course, so we're open to suggestions! In other news we have officially bought our plane tickets home and we will be arriving back on American soil on August 1, and will be officially home on August 2. However, we will be leaving the Netherlands on July 13 for a fun trip in Italy with Farrell's family, which we are really looking forward to. In between then and now, aside from all the packing that needs to be done (eeek!), we hope to squeeze in a few more day trips in the Netherlands as well as visit all our favorite spots in Nijmegen one last time. With at least one more friets speciaal, yum...

We'll try and keep you posted on our final week and upcoming travels, as well as catch up on all the photo sorting and posting that got pushed aside during this hectic month. Wish us luck!

Until next time,
Jessica (and Farrell)

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