Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Tour and a Tasting


Last Wednesday we were given the opportunity to tour a dairy farm and their cheese-making facilities and, as two avid cheese lovers, it was an offer we couldn't refuse. Located in Nijmegen, De Diervoort was only a short bike ride away and a pretty one at that. Once there, the cheese-making process was explained to us before touring the factory (though much smaller than the term usually indicates) and the farm. Naturally, the tour ended with a cheese tasting. Of course, the farm produces more than its own milk and cheese also making yogurts, ice creams, vla (pudding of sorts), and chocolate milk. It was a really interesting (and tasty) experience and some place we will definitely be biking to again. Plus, in addition to everything else, the farm has several public trails that we are looking forward to exploring. View the photos from this fun outing here and take a glance at the cheese-making process.

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