Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Amsterdam Pictures

Originally uploaded by Farrell
Finally, the Amsterdam set is uploaded and ready for viewing. We are having some internet connectivity troubles, nothing like Nevis but more annoying then I had hoped for. As soon as I can get a 220v-110v converter for my wireless router and replace my landlady's router with mine I believe all will be well. I'm working on at least one more set of photos, but I'll refrain from giving a time table for their release.

The best way to view any given set of pictures I upload is to select a picture thumbnail from the page I always link to and then click 'Next' to see the next picture in the set. If you start at the beginning of a set and move towards the end, you will be viewing the pictures in the order they were taken. Be sure to read the descriptions I include on some pictures, those should really help to get more of the experience across, or minimally provide some context.


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