Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Little More Green

Green cricket friend living in mine and Jessica's flat
Green cricket friend
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So, I know I had promised that my next post would be about all things biking here in the Netherlands, but something far more pressing has come up: our flat has a pet. True, pets are not usually allowed, but we were allowed to make an exception for our cute, green, no-named friend. We have no idea where he came from, but one day this grasshopper just appeared, his bright green easily seen on the bright red walls. Interestingly (or perhaps it's more fortunate), he is missing one of his long-back legs, so he cannot make any of his annoying music, which works out well. How he survives, i.e. what he is eating, is a mystery, but he must like it here because he has been with us for a few weeks now, just popping in and disappearing again at will. It's fun though. We are always on the look out for our new friend, but he still surprises us sometimes. We have yet to find a name that suits him, so feel free to make suggestions!

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