Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Beautiful, Dutch Fall

Jessica and I have been given quite a special treat by the Netherlands over the last few weeks. The trees lining Nijmegen's roads and filling its well incorporated green spaces are bursting with bright, vivid fall colors. The last week and a half or so has been among the busiest times in my academic career, with our completion of the first period, or half, of the semester and the associated spike in projects, tests and papers. In the face of our excessive, but quickly improving, work load, we found time to get out into and enjoy the fall wonderland around us. As per normal for all rain free adventures, I documented what we found through photography.

You can find the set here, or a slide show here (recommended).

Note: The pictures in this set are from three different locations at three different times, but because it is not necessary to view them in the order they were taken, and they all closely correlate to the same theme, I grouped them into the same photo set.


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