Sunday, June 20, 2010

T-Minus 10 Days

Well, we are now back in Greensboro after a nice visit with Farrell's family in Mooresville. Aside from having fun, we also managed to get some work done -- Farrell was able to attend his research meeting via the assistance of the public library (and their internet) and we purchased some protective eye-wear from Gander Mountain, which also sells camouflage bathing suits if you're interested. Now, with just ten days left until we leave for Nevis it seems we have most everything we need with the exception of dry bags and Farrell's birthday camera which he has yet to order...but I am sure he will get that taken care of soon. The anticipation and excitement continues to build, along with some slight paranoia. The goal for this week is to (1) get all the necessary files off my old computer and onto my "new" one and (2) go through my clothes so that I can drop off the ones I never wear at Goodwill. Anyway, I am not sure how interesting that was, but the first few posts are mainly meant to get us in the habit of posting; so, in theory, posting on here will be almost second nature by the time we get to Europe, rather than simply a task to be completed.

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