Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Recomended Reading

I just wanted to quickly point out a not-particularly-recent addition to our blog-roll, a collection of links to other blogs we like, located in the right pane of any of our blog's pages. Peggy Boone, a good friend of ours from NC State, is doing some very, very cool pre-Ph.D fieldwork studying black howler monkeys in Mexico. I want to make a special point of recognizing that her photography and writing skills totally trump my own, so have mercy when coming back to my work. I was shooting a 5 year old point-and-shoot camera while she was covering college level athletic events weekly. I was the noob playing with her and Ty Johnson's cameras every time they set them down within reach. In general, she rocks. Her blog, The Gonzo Journey, also seems to be habitually at the top of our blog-roll, which is sorted by most recent post. One of my greatest envies in life is the frequency of her posting.

Check the blog-roll to the right for snippets + links.


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