Sunday, February 27, 2011

Edinburgh Concert Photos

Hello all!

I just finished sorting, uploading, describing, tagging and geotagging three new sets of photos. All three are from a concert Dad, Jessica and I attended together in Edinburgh, Scotland on New Year's Day. Although six bands played during the "One Day" (1.1.11) Hogmanay celebrations, I have only finished processing half of them so far (my three favorites).

If you are interested, take a look at the sets for the bands below. I was quite happy with the quality of some of these photos, and will be updating or supplementing the Wikipedia pages of all three bands with these (Creative Commons licensed) pictures.

Lau - A three-piece rockin' Scottish folk band. They have a great level of energy on stage, and are clearly passionate. In some regards, they remind me of the Avett Brothers, especially on stage. [set] [slideshow]
Julie Fowlis - Gaelic Singer Of The Year appointed "Scotland's Gaelic Ambassador" by the Scottish Parliament. [set] [slideshow]
Daniel Thorpe - 2010 BBC Young Traditional Musician of the Year with a good sense of humor and a comfortable stage presence. [set] [slideshow]


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