Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Ides of...February?

As the title suggests, February has turned out to be a particularly busy (annoying) month, with perhaps too many unexpected complications. Oh, don't worry! It's nothing too serious, but rather all the little annoying things that could go wrong did.

Aside from having to finish up exams while our new classes were starting, Farrell's bike broke. So, we shared my bike, and if we had anywhere to go together then Farrell had to hop on the back and I biked the two of us. However, soon after someone accidentally injured my tire in the bike parking lot (apparently someone dominoed the bikes and my tire was scraped with a kickstand), but it still worked! That is until the next time Farrell hoped on the back, which prompted the tire to blowout (explode). At that point we were down to zero bikes, and it is also around this point that Farrell's laptop died.

It was expected. His laptop was old and had been thoroughly (continuously?) used over the years, especially if you consider that he is a computer science major and likely uses his laptop even more than the average 20-something individual. So, we have been sharing my laptop, which would not be such a problem if we did not have all of our class readings on the computer. Fortunately he'll have a new laptop soon...hopefully. :)

Now, as for more fun things, we visited our Latvian friend Sandra in Ede (the Netherlands) and had dinner with her family. Ede was a small, but interesting little town near the "Heather fields," which as their name suggests are huge open fields filled with heather. It was pretty in the cold grey, but it is supposed to be just beautiful in the spring/summer. Interestingly, the fields are near a Dutch military base and they use the fields for practice. Needless to say we cannot wait to go back when it's warmer.

For more recent fun, yesterday we went to Arnhem and, using our museum cards Frank got us (they allow us free entrance to some 400 museums in the Netherlands), we visited the Water Museum there. It's kind of hard to describe, but it was a lot of fun. Plus, it was situated in this large park/woods, so of course we walked around on the trails for a few hours. It was pretty cold though and is now turning colder, despite the comparatively mild weather we have had over the past few weeks. There is even supposed to be some snow Sunday, though not much. Hopefully it will warm up by next Sunday though -- that's when we are going to our first "football" game. It's Nijmegen vs. FC Utrecht and we are excited! We will try and take pictures of course, assuming it is allowed and not raining.

Anyway, we will continue to keep you posted. And as for the photos, we ask for your patience once more, since that has been permanently put on hold. (Farrell does not have a laptop, remember?) Still, we will do what we can. :)

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